LPC held a Jubilee Celebration on Monday 4th June 2012 on the Rec and in the WMH.


The event also saw the signing of our Twinning Charter with Wimille.


The day started with the marquee being blown away!! All the stalls were re-located at The Barn together with the Applause acting group who gave 2 shows among the captive audience, this group was innovative and fun.


The sun came out around 11 o'clock allowing the Littlebourne Primary School to put on a display of ‘Maypole’ dancing and singing. They had also provided a wonderful exhibition in an upstairs meeting room of the hall, which was much admired, especially by our visiting French Teachers and others.


The Afternoon Club also put on a wonderful display of photographs etc through the 60 years of our queen’s reign; the other indoor display was from The Lace Makers, who showed off some wonderful work. The Recreation Club provided the BBQ and the WI tea and cakes. 


The Fun Dog Show in the afternoon organised by Cllr Pam Evans and her team was wonderful. The Kwik Cricket provided for the Children by Paul Spratt.  We were very fortunate to have a group of French Horn Players who performed on several occasions. 

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