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St Vincent's Church

Church Services….


1st Sunday    11:00am   Parish Communion

2nd Sunday    11:00am  Parish Communion

3rd Sunday    11:00am   Parish Communion 

4th Sunday    11:00am   Parish Communion



Parish Priest: The Revd Dr Lesley Hardy


Church Wardens (arrangements): 

Karen Mount 01227 721908 / allthemounts@googlemail.com

Karen Weaver 01227 728467 / mrskweaver61@gmail.com


Website: www.little-stour-benefice.org.uk 




Littlebourne Annual Parish 
Meeting 2024

All Residents are invited to attend

Wednesday 20th March in the Littlebourne War Memorial Hall Lounge.
 7.30 pm start 

Refreshments will be served from 7pm


There will be reports from the Parish Cllrs and your local organisations. 


The 2024 Millennium Award Winner will be announced.

Come along and meet your Cllrs and find out what’s happening in your village.

If you have any questions that you would like an informed answer to on the night it would be helpful if you could submit these to the Clerk in advance.

Social Afternoon

Social Afternoon in the lounge of the hall


1st Thursday of the month 2pm


7 March 2024

4 April 2024

2 May 2024

6 June 2024

1 August 2024

5 September 2024

3 October 2024

 7 November 2024

5 December 2024


Come and enjoy a friendly and welcoming afternoon.

Contact 07757 678181 for further information

The Chapel


The Chapel in Nargate Street is now open on Sunday afternoons at 3pm for worship - all are welcome. It is also available for hire


Contact Peter Hollander 01227 761803 or peter.hollander@hotmail.com


Canterbury Rural  Detached Youth in Littlebourne


Wednesdays 5.30-7.30pm Littlebourne Village Hall carpark

Free youth activities for 11-18 year olds

Hot drinks, arts,crafts, tabkle top activities, sports, snacks


Please come along

Littlebourne Afternoon Club


All enquiries to Roz on 721605.

Meetings held second Tuesday of the month




4 Villages Conservation Society

The society is looking for new committee members. If you are

interested in helping in the work of protecting our local environment, please contact the Secretary, Christine Le Jeune (721431), or the Treasurer, Malcolm Withers (722927),for more information.


Bingo in the Hall


Bingo in the lounge of the Littlebourne War Memorial Hall


Third Thursday in every month at 2pm


2024 Dates


21 March

18 April

16 May

20 June

18 July

15 August

19 September

17 October

21 November

19 December


Come along and enjoy a friendly and welcoming afternoon

Contact 07757 671818 if you require further information



Littlebourne & District Royal British Legion


Meetings held on Tuesdays,

 at the Recreation Club, Littlebourne at 8pm.



Littlebourne & District Royal British Legion

We are looking for more members to join our Branch and would be delighted to hear from anyone locally who is interested.  You do not have to be an ex-service person but just somebody who is interested in supporting the Legion.  
If this is you please call 01227 472023 (Vice Chairman) and we will be pleased to give you more details.  You can also join online at http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/membership. 





Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve

A team of supporters are usually at work on the site on a Sunday morning between 10.30am and 12 midday. You are welcome to wander around the reserve during this time and see what is happening.



Littlebourne WMH
Wed zumba 10-11am £5.50
Wed Zumba Gold (60+) 9.05-9.45am £5


Jen 07905 945218




Thursdays 9.30am & 10.30am


For more information 

Email Us: info@funtrain.co.uk - Call us: 01580 891727


Diet & Fitness class

Littlebourne WMH
Every Tuesday

9.45-11.15am Diet & fitness

11.15-12.00 stretch and tone
Call Lisa 07835 615457


 Please contact Lisa for details



Littlebourne WMH
Yoga with Roy is a one hour class suitable for all levels including beginners.

Working on three areas of mind, body & spirit using Hatha yoga, Asana and Pranayama.


Mondays 7-8pm


Contact Roy 07927 416363




Fish & Chip van

The Fish & Chip van visits the War Memorial Hall carpark Fridays 4.30-7.30pm


Pre order or book for functions;

07889 218355


or visit www.fishandchipskent.co.uk


Old Littlebourne news & info - archived

Queen's Birthday Celebrations

The Parish Council were pleased to put on an event for Villagers to enjoy, while marking the Queen’s 90th Birthday and Prince Philip’s 95th Birthday.
The weather forecast wasn’t great but we were fortunate that we only had one fairly short burst of rain after the start of the event.    The Bouncy Castle and Bungee Run were very popular and it was good to see them in use all the time.  
 The birds of prey were exciting to watch, and the Keepers were happy to give information to those who were prepared to get up close !     
The Roving Magician was clever with his tricks and illusions, interacting with all and sundry -  Very impressive.   Lots of compliments about the music by Steve Paterson and his Group, and it was pleasing that we were able to have a local group play.  Great music.

There were 18 tables set up in and around the Hall, selling Arts and Crafts, wonderful and unusual items.    Daphne Kelk and her team were selling coffee and cakes in the Lounge, and were very pleased to have raised £    for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, for which they received a lovely ‘thank you’ letter.

The Brownies ran Name the Teddy and had recruitment items on display, as did the Scouts, both of which apparently went well, with some new children signing up.   We ran a few Children’s Competitions, even though it was quite hard to keep them from the Bouncy Castle, but we managed some welly-throwing, a quiz etc.

The Raffle of a wheelbarrow of drink did very well and the money raised went to the Pilgrim’s Hospice in Canterbury.
The Recreation Club seemed to do a roaring trade on their BBQ, which was good to see, even though it caught fire for a short while, but it added to the atmosphere !

We had some visitors from Wimille, our Twinned Village, and they were very impressed with all the acitivities.   We provided them with lunch in the Lounge, finishing up with a beautiful cake (made and very kindly donated by Daphne and her team).   This was topped by iced Union Jack and French Flags – much appreciated by the visitors and Councillors alike!
The Parish Council offer very grateful thanks to everyone who helped,  too numerous to mention !!

Inclusive roundabout

New roundabout All New Inclusive roundabout recently installed at Recreation ground

The new roudabout is now in place at the play park on Littlebourne Recreation Ground. This piece was requested by one of our residents and following successful applications for funding we are delighted to have been able to intall this item that can be used by wheelchair bound and able bodied children together.


Thanks to a grant of £5733 from Vogt Solar and contributions from Cardy's Construction and The Littlebourne Community Fund this project could go ahead.

Network Power UK new '105' number

There’s a new number to call if you have a power cut
105 is a new number that you can call to report or get information about a power cut. It will put you through to your local electricity network operator – the company that manages the cables, wires and substations that bring electricity into homes and businesses in your area. 
105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales, and you can call the number from most landlines and mobile phones. It doesn’t matter who you choose to buy your electricity from - anyone can call 105.
You can also call 105 if you spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put you, or someone else, in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, call the emergency services too.
Don’t be left in the dark.  Call 105. 


Brown Owl retires

Brown Owl holding cake Brown Owl is presented with a beautiful cake to celebrate her retirement from Brownies

Stephanie Farrow retired from her role as Brown Owl after 30 years last week. A farewell party was held on Saturday 15th July in Littlebourne WMH.

Defibrillator for Littlebourne


LPC have a Defibrillator to the rear of the hall. A RAMP funding grant from Canterbury City Council and a grant from the 4VPO assisted with the purchase of this life saving equipment. 
This equipment can be used by anyone and is designed not to shock the patient unless a shock is required. This cabinet can be accessed with a 6 digit code, which is displayed on the unit and will also be given upon dialling 999.


KCC Telephone numbers

New telephone numbers for general contact 03000414141 and to report Lights out and potholes 03000418181 They prefer you pinpoint pot holes on their website and indeed any reports this way, but they will obviously take reports by telephone as well but do have clear concise locations for pot holes and lamp numbers for lights.

Please report

Any accidents you witness/notice on the A257 to Cllr Cate Reid. The Parish Council are keeping a log of any accidents that occur and passing the data onto Kent Highways as not all accidents are reported through.

Please let Cate know of any details on hallbookings@littlebournevillage.com or 01227 721831. many thanks for you help


Bonfires are not an environmentally friendly way to get rid of waste, and they may fall under the Environmental Protection Act if they are a persistent nuisance.You should always dispose of your rubbish responsibly. You can get rid of garden waste and household waste at the recycling centre in Vauxhall Road, Canterbury. If bonfires are causing a frequent problem, speak to the people responsible - they may not know they are causing an issue. If this does not resolve things, keep a record of the dates and times of the bonfires and Inform Environmental Health Team Canterbury City Council who will then look into it further.

Parking in the Village

Parish Council Request with regard to Parking in Littlebourne The Parish Council have been alerted by a number of residents of parking problems in the Village. 
One of the major difficulties that we face is that on street parking in a number of roads in the Village is reaching saturation point and other vehicles and their drivers are having greater difficulty in negotiating a way through. In particular service vehicles, such as the weekly rubbish collection and potentially emergency vehicles are affected. These are not all large vehicles but parking on both sides of a narrow street can make it difficult for cars and vans to drive through. 

All of our roads are common property and everyone has a right to drive along them, irrespective of the type and size of vehicle. Inconsiderate parking can be seen as obstruction in the worst of cases or, at best, a great inconvenience to others. No-one has a right to stop traffic or hinder its passage; neither do they have a right to a parking place on the road outside their house. 

It is not possible to build car parks since we have neither the resources nor the land. 

The message from the Parish Council is simply this, when parking please give more thought and consideration to other road users so that the widest part of the road is unobstructed (ie not across the road from another parked vehicle) and be prepared to leave your vehicle some distance from your house if necessary. Acting in this way could help the situation and reduce the necessity for future parking restrictions to be considered. 

The Parish Council thanks you in anticipation of your cooperation.



Hall Bookings

To enquire about booking Littlebourne WMH please contact Gill Estcourt at littlebournehall@gmail.com or 01227 728444/07484 156524

Please try and call within office hours



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