Social Housing in the village of Littlebourne - List & Court Meadows


Whilst property rarely becomes available, the housing developments of List Meadows and Court Meadows are subject to extra requirements to make sure you are eligible to bid for a property here. Strict local connection criteria is set out in agreements between Littlebourne Parish Council and either Southern Housing Group or Sanctuary Housing Group. An applicant must meet one or more of the criteria. You must complete a Housing Need application form with CCC, as for any social housing; if you qualify they will then provide you with a choice based lettings registration number (once you have this number please include this on your Local Connection Form).


The Parish Council hold a list of those eligible for Littlebourne housing if you would like to join this list and have not yet contacted the Clerk, please do so, for an application form or download one now and return to the Clerk.


LPC will also take applications from those that have lived in Littlebourne for less than 10 years, these would be done on a length of time in residence priority order.


Transfers between the two housing associations properties - This process is managed through the city council’s mutual exchange scheme and on the Kent Home Choice mutual exchange website pages also. Therefore any residents wanting to exchange:

- must register on the Kent Home Choice mutual exchange website pages

- may contact the Clerk so that their details may be advertised locally on the parish council noticeboard and that they want an exchange

This would be subject to the new tenant meeting the local connection criteria (which can be seen on the form below).


To register for housing with CCC, please contact Choice Based Lettings  at Canterbury City Council on 01227 862518. Or visit the website to complete online at


Littlebourne Local Connection Form
LPC - Application for Local Needs Housin[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [213.8 KB]

Hall Bookings

To enquire about booking Littlebourne WMH please contact Gill Estcourt at or 01227 728444/07484 156524

Please try and call within office hours



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